Since Ontario’s founding in 1882 by the Chaffey Brothers, the “Model Colony” remains distinctive in its commitment to creating opportunity and building value in the community.   For over a century, Ontario has attracted settlement, development, and investment which have resulted in a sustainable well-balanced place to live, work, and play.  The images included in the exhibit highlight events, people, and places that helped shape Ontario from “The Vision” Era to the “Commitment to Community” Era.  Ontario Through the Years commemorates and celebrates Ontario’s past and the framework it has established for the future.

The compilation of images is organized into ten periods of history.  Each decade is in chronological order and identified by title and date.  Selected images within each decade represent milestones that define the period in City’s history. While each decade has brought challenges through local, regional, and worldwide events, it has also brought innovation and prosperity.  Ontario’s resilience, sense of community, and leadership has resulted in an ever thriving “Model” City as envisioned by its founders. 

“There is no better land in the state….”

George Chaffey
February 28, 1882