Ontario Through the Years

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Creating Regional Destinations



Creating Regional Destinations in Ontario includes an increase in specific plans and developments including the Ontario Auto Center, annexation of 8,200 acres of the Chino Agricultural Land Preserve, construction of the Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario Convention Center, and the new passenger terminal the Ontario International Airport.  The 1990s is defined by the advent of the World Wide Web, also known as the “Information Superhighway.”  Advanced technology in the areas of communication, transportation, and production shrunk the world to a “global village.”  Economic globalization during the 1990s increased at a rapid rate under the framework of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and World Trade Organization.  Through cross-border movement of goods, service, and technology, free flowing capital grew worldwide resulting in a freedom of choice for consumers and a freedom of thought for innovation. In 1996, the 1.7 million-square-foot Ontario Mills Mall, which is Southern California's largest outlet shopping mall and entertainment center with two movie theaters, was constructed, offering shoppers an “Ultimate Shopping Experience.”   The Ontario Auto Center expanded offering automobile shoppers a wider selection and ease of accessibility to each dealership.  Ontario’s Sphere of Influence, commonly referred to as the “Ag Preserve,” was annexed into the City of Ontario and dedicated as the “New Model Colony” in 1999.  The annexation became a pivotal turning point for Ontario’s growth by providing land development opportunity.  The 8,200 acres of land was the last significant underdeveloped area in the San Bernardino valley.