Ontario Through the Years

Progression in Changing Times



Progression in Changing Times represents a new age of idealism, protest of the Vietnam Conflict and the draft, beginning of the Civil Rights Act, labor union, environmental, and women’s rights movements,  the launch of the aerospace industry, oil shortage, construction of the Ontario Motor Speedway, and a new passenger terminal at the Ontario International Airport.  The 1960s and the 1970s were decades of a revolution and change in politics, music, society, and technology around the world.   Ontarians were highly active in voluntarism through civic and social organizations such as men and women clubs, church groups, city improvement groups, hospital auxiliary groups and many more.  As the population grew and the “Baby Boom” generation (1945-1965) came to an end, needs for service continued.  In 1960, Chaffey College moved to its new campus in Rancho Cucamonga under the leadership of its President Daniel B. Milliken.  A new City Hall building and library were constructed and a new branch office of the County Department of Public Welfare had opened.  The majority of groves and vineyards had relocated making way for large retail shopping centers and subdivision. Despite the challenges of the decades, Ontarians enjoyed leisure, entertainment, and travel.

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