Ontario Through the Years

Building of Civic Pride



Building of Civic Pride reflects an era of recovery and celebration as illustrated in the images of the Salvation Army, All States Picnic on Euclid Avenue, and the construction of the Ontario Ballpark.  By end of President Herbert Hoover’s term, nearly a quarter of Americans of working age were unemployed and there were no welfare programs, social security benefits, or employment insurance available.  During the period, Americans sought a change in domestic policy and voted Franklin D. Roosevelt into office.  As part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, U.S. Congress enacted a series of relief, recovery, and reform measures intended to stimulate the American economy.  During its first year, the City of Ontario approved 10 Works Progress Administration public works projects that cost nearly $200,000. Approximately 325 local residents worked on these projects that included sidewalk repairs, curb and gutter improvements, park beautification, water main and pipe installations, paving of dirt streets, Euclid Avenue improvements, and painting various buildings.    Several Chaffey High School campus buildings and Euclid Avenue Elementary School were constructed with WPA funds.

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