Ontario Through the Years

The Vision



This section represents George Chaffey’s vision of a well balanced community.  In 1882, George Chaffey stood at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and saw tremendous potential in the canyons, washes, and the land.  He visualized a new community complete with water, transportation and education delivery systems.  World famous Euclid Avenue, Chaffey High School campus (previously Chaffey College), and Downtown stand as living monuments of this vision and the far reaching influence of Ontario’s founding father.    The Ontario Plan, as it came to be called, embraced three objectives.  To distribute the water for irrigation over the entire tract and each farm lot, provide an agricultural college for the general education, and establish a grand landscaped thoroughfare to be a thing of beauty forever.  With Euclid Avenue as the stately backbone of the Colony, gravity irrigation systems, electric street lights and streetcars, telephones and telegraphs, rights and access to water and irrigation, and a temperate California climate attracting prospective property owners, Ontario quickly became a destination for those seeking a new life on the west coast.

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